CrimsonPool for Cardano Staking

Ticker: RED

Our narrow aim is to maximize return on stake for stakeholders of ADA, the native token of Cardano. The block producing node is currently located on a bare metal server in Finland. It's connected to CrimsonPool relay nodes in the U.S. and Finland to maximize connectivity and reduce latency. SpaceX Starlink is currently used as backup internet service provider between CrimsonPool nodes.

Our broader aim is to develop Cardano technology infrastructure on Mars for colony monetary exchange and governance needs. Hopefully someday we'll be operating a stake pool there and will have helped establish a blockchain based governance system and local crypto currencies based on Cardano native token technology.

I imagine the Cardano network on Mars will be separate from the one on Earth but linked with a store and forward system to enable transactions and smart contract interoperability between planets, even with the speed of light limitations of 5 to 20 minute latency each way. The network will initially be local to the first settlement via wireless and wired connections between people but will eventually utilize a SpaceX Starlink equivalent satellite system, Marslink?. Even before the first settlers reach Mars there will need to be a monetary exchange system en-route so I don't think it's too early to contemplate and plan for Cardano Mars.

If you're new to crypto and you're thinking about aquiring Bitcoin, ADA, DOGE or something else you should be warned that the intrinsic value of these assets is zero because they produce no income. Crypto is simply a popular delusion that has lasted a good number years and it may last many more or it may become worthless quickly. There are no crystal balls about the future of crypto although I tend to think the popular delusion will last, as many others do but I could easily be wrong.

Find us on twitter : @poolcrimson