CrimsonPool for Mars colony block chain enabled governance and crypto currency development

Tickers: RED, RED1

CrimsonPool currently operates two stake pools with ticker symbols RED and RED1. If you're staking less than 3 million ADA then stake with RED, otherwise you'll earn nothing until a whale stakes a load of ADA on RED1. Our narrow aim is to maximize return on stake for stakeholders like you. If we do our job you'll earn an acceptable return on your stake while you're with us.

The name CrimsonPool comes from our aspiration to be associated with the crimson planet, Mars. Hopefully someday we'll be operating one or two stake pools there and will have helped establish a blockchain governance system and local crypto currency based on Cardano technology, adapted for Mars. That may take a while! Until that day comes we aspire to create a few apocalypse resistant stake pools by operating nuclear or solar powered servers far from big population centers and connecting them together using SpaceX's Starlink satellite network, which should provide the lowest latency global interconnections between Cardano nodes. If you stake with us the money we earn will help achieve these aspirations.

I imagine the Cardano network on Mars will be separate from the one on Earth but linked with a store and forward system to enable transactions and smart contract interoperability between planets, even with the speed of light limitations of 5 to 20 minute latency each way. The network will initially be local to the first settlement via wireless and wired connections between people but will eventually utilize a SpaceX Starlink equivalent satellite system, Marslink?. Even before the first settlers reach Mars there will need to be a monetary exchange system en-route so I don't think it's too early to contemplate and plan for Cardano Mars.

If you stake with us you'll be helping us to achieve our aspiration for developing a Mars based crypto currency and governance system that is linked to Cardano on Earth via smart contracts.

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